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Welcome to the New WebSite!
Hello visitors! Thank you for taking the time to visit the new and improved Ajo First Assembly of God WebSite! There are plenty of things on this new site to peak your interest, just click around the WebSite using the links above.

A little note to everybody used to the old WebSite... If you have registered on the old WebSite, simply click on My Account on the menu above on the right and use the same username and password you originally registered with.

If you have never been to our WebSite, welcome! You can register an account to start using more of the site, just click on My Account and click on the blinking image to register your account. It's that easy!

Hope you like what we've done with the place! =O)
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Our WebSite

I would like to welcome you to our website. I am so excited about what God is doing in Ajo, and it excites me to know that the Holy Spirit is gracing us with his presence every time we come together in the church. Many people in the church have prayed for years for a move of God's Spirit and their prayers are being answered.

We have seen miracles and awesome manifistations of The Holy Spirit, and I know we will continue to see even greater ones in the future. The River of God is flowing like a torent arroya in the church, and it is there for anyone to just step in. I hope that you will find time to join us as we come together to worship God and I pray that you will enter in and let the Holy Spirit do great things in you.

God Bless you all, and thank you Jesse for making this website possible.

- Pastor Ken
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This is the main section of the WebSite. From here you can reach all the exciting areas of our WebSite! Check them out for yourself!

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